Vamirach survival prototype

Vamirach is rough-like survival game. A player is trying to survive as long as possible in isolated island. The game is being developed as gameplay sandbox and prototype. The implementation is done on python 3.5 with help of pygame framework. It is still far away from being completed but has core functionality in place. The graphic is schematic and used only to test gameplay.


The source code is available on GitHub.

mogate statistics

mogate has built-in statistics collection to measure behaviors registrations and usage. The result from gameplay session shown that most wanted behavior from all point of view is IFFSystem which stands for “is friend of foe” implementation. Allmost all entities spend lots of time to identify is other entity friend or not. More data about other behaviors can be found here in Statistics chapter.


mogate stands for MonoGame test application. It is simple game primary developed for educational and technology research reasons.

The achieved goals and results as follows:

  • Monogame framework perfectly fits to cross-platform development. All game code is located inside shared project and the same for Windows, Mac and iOS platforms.
  • The most hard part was iOS support due to multitouch support, binary plist format and device orientation bug. CocosSharp was used to help with plist and device orientation bug while multitouch support was written from scratch. Internal gestures helpers do not fit to the game input.
  • For shaders compilation Windows system is still needed and compiled shaders have to be loaded manually.
  • Development approach based on generalized behavior and actions are hard to master but really makes game logic development very easy. It allows to think on not what to do but on how it should work. This functional approach generates highly reusable code that very easy to tweak and extend.

Here is the screenshot from game session:


Using effects in MonoGame

Modern games use effects to improve visual quality as well as add gameplay values, like fog of war. Effects can be achieved by using textures with alpha blending but it is not efficient way and can dramatically drop FPS especially for full screen effects. Pixel shaders better way to do such things. It is quite easy to add pixel shaders in MonoGame application but not that easy as textures. So let’s try to add simple effect that has one input parameter.

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Run MonoGame 3.2 on Mac OS X

MonoGame is wonderful low-level framework for game development. It utilizes power of C# and supports many platforms including Mac OSX. It works smoothly on Windows with VS Express 2013 but require more efforts to run MonoGame project on MacOSX with Xamarin Studio. The great news that Xamarin 5.0 supports NuGet and latest MonoGame was added to NuGet repository. In this post I summarized all issues I met when tried to build MonoGame app. So let’s install Xamarin Studio and start.

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